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This page provides details of solicitors in the UK that specialise in environmental law.

An environmental solicitor can advise businesses in a wide range of sectors on legal issues relating to the environment. These include supermarkets, public authorities, waste and recycling, petrochemicals, landfill and composting, transport and infrastructure, agribusiness, property, sewage, steel and metals, energy, renewables, mineral products, mining and quarrying, paper and rubber, fish and aquaculture and incineration. 

An environmental solicitor can provide legal help and guidance on issues such as contaminated land, industrial permits, by-products and residues, liability transfer, marine regulation, birds and habitat protection, COMAH, biofuels and waste management.

Environmental solicitors also handle cases involving due diligence, air quality, end of waste, animal by-products, sewerage, renewable energy, dangerous substances and environmental planning.


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