No Win No Fee Solicitors

Here we explain the role of no win no fee solicitors in the UK, and we signpost top law firms for expert lawyers nationwide.

Many people don’t pursue legal action because they feel that they can not afford to engage the services of a lawyer or that their issue isn’t serious enough to consider contacting a law firm. Such matters for a victim include personal injury compensation cases when they are injured through no fault of their own, medical / clinical negligence or an employment law case for unfair dismissal.

It’s because of concerns like these that companies often get away with discrimination in the workplace on the basis of gender, disability, race and other areas of equality and diversity, why negligent actions and lack of health and safety in the workplace goes unpunished, and why victims of violence often suffer the long term physical and emotional consequences, while perpetrators carry on as if nothing happened.

No win no fee solicitors

It’s to address these concerns that no win no fee lawyers exist – giving claimants a route to the compensation they deserve without the fear of ruinous costs. Let’s find out what that means and who offers such services.


What is No Win No Fee?

No Win No Fee is a conditional fee agreement between a claimant and a solicitor. A solicitor who enters this agreement cannot charge the claimant any fees in the event that the case is lost – just a percentage of the compensation awarded if it is won.

This fee can be anywhere up to 25% of the total amount won.

Since the legal fee depends on the outcome of the case, a law firm will ask many questions and be cautious about which cases to take on. However, if proceeding, the claimant can be assured that in no win no fee law cases, solicitors will put their best into the case. Still, it’s a good ideal to hire a solicitor who specialises in and has a strong record in your type of legal matter.


Types of Cases No Win No Fee Lawyers Can Help With

Employment Law Matters

These can further be subdivided into several other categories, such as:

  • Wrongful or unfair dismissal from a job for no fault of the employee
  • Gender discrimination, harassment or bullying from a fellow employee or the employer
  • Disability discrimination
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Changing the role of an employee without consent or constructive dismissal


Medical Negligence

These involve errors during medical treatment that lead to or worsen a patient’s condition. In such a case, this category comprises claims such as:

  • against the doctor for failing to treat the plaintiff properly
  • against the medical facility for careless or unethical activities
  • against the dentist or other medical specialist for a an unnecessary or incorrect procedure


Personal Injury Claims

No win no fee personal injury claims are the most common filed across the UK. It comprises injuries caused due to:

  • Criminal activity
  • An accident caused by someone else’s negligence
  • Occupational illness at work or abroad
  • Work-related accident
  • An accident at someone else’s property
  • Assault while playing sports


Professional Negligence

There can also be cases when those offering their professional services cause a loss to the claimant. A few examples of such claims include:

  • Against a legal advisor
  • Against an architect responsible for a poorly designed property
  • Against an accountant who made a serious mistake in the claimant’s accounts
  • Against a surveyor who mis-filed a report


Breach of Contract

A breakdown in a business relationship or financial issues for one of the parties may lead to breach of contract. A breach may then lead a claimant to file a claim against the party who breached it.


Top No Win No Fee Solicitors in the UK

Here we profile and signpost top no win no fee solicitors in major cities across the UK.



Osbornes is an award-winning law firm in London that offers a multitude of services to clients across North, South, East, West or Central areas of the city, and throughout the South East of England. The firm was established in 1973 and has over 115 lawyers and staff members who serve their clients from offices in Camden and Hampstead.

Livery House, 9 Pratt Street, Camden, London, NW1 0AE 28A
Hampstead High Street, Hampstead, London NW3 1QA, UK.

Tel: 020 7485 8811; Fax: 020 7485 5660

Learn more about No Win No Fee from Osbornes London, UK.



Beacon Law is a firm of highly skilled and vastly experienced lawyers who work hard and with enthusiasm to conclude their client’s claims with the best possible results. The firm was established in 2002 and has earned a unique reputation among its clientele for being friendly, approachable and having a down-to-earth attitude.

Address: Beacon Law, 1st Floor, Shirley House, 12 Gatley Road, Cheadle, Cheshire, SK8 1PY

General Enquiries: 0161 428 1234; New Claims: 0330 1332 857; Fax: 0161 239 1072

Learn more about Beacon Law for Greater Manchester, Cheshire and the North West of England.



Bell Lax Solicitors is a reputable law firm established in Sutton Coldfield. Their team is small, but their legal experts are some of the best in the West Midlands. They specialise in cases related to commercial litigation and dispute resolution. Following close client consultation, they dedicate their best resources to drive a positive outcome for any case they take on.

Address: Bell Lax Solicitors, New Bank House, 21 Maney Corner, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, B72 1QL.

Tel: 0121 355 0011; Fax: 0121 355 0099

Read more about services from Bell Lax solicitors in the West Midlands.



Mackrell & Thomas Solicitors are a leading personal injury law firm in Liverpool. They have been offering expert legal advice for over 35 years on matters related to personal injury, property matters, litigation and more.

144 Liverpool Road, Page Moss, Merseyside L36 3RG
6 Broad Green Road, Old Swan, Liverpool, L13 5SG
3 Broadway, Norris Green, Liverpool, Merseyside L11 1BX

Tel: 0151 668 0403

More about Mackrell & Thomas Solicitors.



Hopkins is one of those rare firms whose history dates back over a century – all the way back to 1913. Their expertise of different areas all these years has established them as one of the best law firms in Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands region of England.

Their quality of service is also complemented by a personal friendly approach, high customer care standards, and support to multiple charities in Nottingham, throughout the county, and beyond.

Address: Eden Court, Crow Hill Drive, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG19 7AE

Tel: 01623 782 080; Fax: 01623 466200

Learn more about No Win No Fee from Hopkins in Nottinghamshire, East Midlands.



Award-winning Adam Law Solicitors put their clients at the centre of everything. They are committed to deliver the best possible assistance to everyone in their most difficult times. They specifically focus on getting the best result in the fastest time possible without compromising on the quality of the service or the outcome.

Address: 759-761 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S9 3RF

Telephone: 0114 2560111

Visit the Adam Law Solicitors website for more information.



For years, Royds Withy King LLP has stood for delivering utmost empathy, professionalism and uncompromised focus while providing a first-class legal service. They ensure top-notch legal assistance through a proactive approach to communication and maintaining a fantastic success track record.

Address: Royds Withy King LLP, 10 Victoria St, Bristol BS1 6BN

Tel: 01173 326 756

Visit Royds Withy King Solicitors to learn more.



Martyn Prowel Solicitors are an established firm based in Cardiff, South Wales. They employ specialists in many areas of law that helps them deliver high quality specialist legal services, while also staying friendly and approachable for their clients. The firm was formed in 1996 and has since grown to be recognised as one of the leading law firms in Wales and beyond.

Address: The Aspect, 140 Queen Street, Cardiff, CF10 2GL

Tel: 029 2047 0909; Fax: 029 2049 8566

Read more about compensation claims with Martyn Prowel in Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales.



Jones Whyte was established in 2013 to elevate the level of efficiency and value that the region’s lawyers offered at the time. Since then, the law firm has become a team of proven lawyers and legal experts who specialise in a wide range of areas of law. They continue to be a preferred firm for their clients due to their ethos of flexibility and approachability.

Address: Jones Whyte LLP, 3rd Floor, The Connect Building, 59 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 2DH

Tel: 0141 413 8376

More about Jones Whyte lawyers in Glasgow, Scotland.



Thorley Stephenson are seasoned lawyers who have specialists many areas of law. They have particular expertise in personal injury compensation claims for matters related to:

  • Whiplash or neck injuries
  • Shoulder injury
  • Leg or hip injuries
  • Head and brain trauma
  • Back injuries
  • Arm or hand injury

Address: Thorley Stephenson SSC, 20 Hopetoun Street, Edinburgh EH7 4GH

Tel: 0131 341 3825

Read more about accident claims in Scotland from this leading law firm.



Geoffrey Lurie Solicitors was established in 1959, and has since evolved into a dynamic and friendly law firm with a big reputation throughout Tyne and Wear in the North East of England, UK. Their team comprises specialists with vast experience in many areas of law. They take pride in being professional, yet caring, sensitive and approachable for their clients at all times.

Address: 12-13 Lansdowne Terrace, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 1HN

Tel: 0191 466 1444; Fax: 0191 213 0952

Learn more about Geoffrey Lurie – click here for No Win No Fee in Newcastle, Tyne and Wear.


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