Solicitors in the UK

Here you can search for the best solicitors UK wide for your unique requirements, whether that’s from generalist local law firms near you or specialist companies with expert lawyers for your specific needs. Whatever your location and legal requirement, browse our website and you should be able to find an expert who can advice and help you.

Law is a highly regulated industry in the United Kingdom, with practising lawyers needing to have either a law degree or another degree followed by a one-year, post-graduate legal qualification. Therefore, by working with a qualified lawyer, you should be able to rest assured that you are receiving the services of a knowledgeable professional.




There are over 100,000 solicitors in the UK, and around 10,000 law firms. A solicitor is a legal professional who holds a current, valid Practising Certificate. In England and Wales, these are issued by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.


Find a Solicitor Near You

If you need legal advice, support or representation, here you can find a solicitor near you in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Popular locations: London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Sheffield, Bristol, Newcastle, Plymouth, Nottingham, Leicester and Leeds.

Engaging the services of a solicitor can be daunting, but a good one will guide you gently through the process and make you feel at ease. Many will offer a free initial consultation to understand your case.


Specialist Solicitors

At Law and Legal, we aim to bring you profiles of leading solicitors to help you choose the best company for your needs. The most commonly needed lawyers are:

Conveyancing solicitors – if you are moving house or business premises, a conveyancer can help you to exchange contracts and arrange payments between the parties. Many people require conveyancing assistance at some point, so is the most sought after type of legal support.

Employment law solicitors – can help both employees and employers deal with contract disputes, as well as issues related to constructive or unfair dismissal, bullying or harassment in the workplace and more.

Family law solicitors – common legal matters in this field include separation agreements, children law and custody disputes, financial arrangements and court orders.

Business law firms – advice and representation for company formation, contracts, commercial litigation and more.

Divorce solicitors – legal support during divorce proceedings may include property and financial settlements, children law matters and more.

Personal injury solicitors – specialist injury lawyers can help you to secure compensation if you have been hurt following an accident at work, in a road traffic incident or a trip, slip or fall in a public place. You can also receive advice and support if you are the victim or medical negligence or an assault. The specialist No Win No Fee Solicitors website at lists lawyers who can help you with compensation claims, charging fees on a win-only basis.

Immigration lawyers – for issues related to marriage / civil partnership, fiance and spouse visas, human rights, work relocation, extradition and EU Law.

Criminal law – matters may include serious fraud defence or prosecution, money laundering, assault, criminal investigation, regulatory issues and motor offences.


Often clients will want to deal with a local law firm, but if you wish to work with a top solicitor for your legal matters, you may be willing to search nationwide – especially if you have very niche requirements. Examples could be those who need IT or manufacturing law experts to support your business in securing intellectual property rights or dealing with complex legal disputes. Browse our pages for the best solicitors UK wide.