Difference Between a Lawyer and Solicitor

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What is the difference between a lawyer and a solicitor? In England and Wales, the word lawyer is a broader term that encompasses both solicitors and barristers. Solicitors A solicitor is the initial contact person for an individual or organisation that seeks legal advice or representation. He or she will offer advice and support across … Read more

e-Learning Legal Issues

e-Learning and legal issues

When preparing online training for business or education, there are some e-learning legal issues that one should be aware of. When introducing e-learning into an organisation, it is important to document relevant law and best practice that should be adhered to, in order to protect both trainers and learners. Copyright Law, Intellectual Property / IP … Read more

Opportunities for UK Law Firms in Qatar

Qatar business

The Middle East state of Qatar has been very prominent in the news in recent years, especially due to its hosting of the Football World Cup in 2022. Ambitious businesses from across the world, and from many fields including law, are flocking to Qatar to be part of the country’s rise to prominence. With a … Read more