Legal Software for UK Law Firms

Here we look at some of the best legal software for UK law firms to use in managing their practices. We explore how good law software can benefit your firm and your workflow, then list some of the top products on the market.

We include both law firm practice and legal case management systems that are well established and have received excellent client reviews.


Types of Software for Law Firms

There are various types of software that cater to different functions of legal professionals, such as case management, document management, legal research, and billing. Here are some of the most common types and functions of law software:

  1. Case Management Software: This is used to manage and track legal cases. It can help with tasks like document management, calendaring, time tracking, and communication management.
  2. Document Management Software: This software is designed to organize and manage legal documents, such as contracts, briefs, pleadings, and transcripts. It can also help with document retrieval, version control, and collaboration.
  3. Practice Management Software: These systems are used to manage law firms’ daily operations and administrative tasks, such as time and billing, financial management, and client management.
  4. Legal Research Software: This type of solution is used to access legal information, such as statutes, case law, and regulations. It can also help with legal analysis and drafting.
  5. E-Discovery Software: This can identify, collect, and analyze electronic documents and data as part of the discovery process in litigation.
  6. Document Automation Software: This is used to automate the creation of legal documents, such as contracts, wills, and agreements. It can help reduce the time and effort required to draft and review documents.
  7. Legal Analytics Software: These analytics tools are used to analyze legal data and identify patterns and trends that can inform legal strategy and decision-making. It can also help with forecasting legal outcomes and assessing risk.

Overall, good law software can help legal professionals to streamline their work, increase efficiency, and provide better service to clients.


Top Practice & Case Management Systems

Below are some of the top law firm practice and legal case management systems for UK lawyers and companies.


Clio Legal Practice Management Software

Manage cases, record time, and bill clients with one of the very best legal practice management software systems for UK lawyers.

Clio legal practice management software

Clio want to serve a better solution to a centuries old profession and do some good in the world while they are at it. They offer legal software tailored to the needs of UK solicitors and of law firms based in Ireland.

First Floor
Fumbally Studios
Fumbally Lane

Tel: +44 800 433 2546


LEAP Law Firm & Legal Case Management Software

LEAP is a top law firm accounting and case management software product that provides a completely integrated solution.

LEAP law firm and legal case management software

Focused on the needs of small to mid-sized firms, LEAP is dedicated to developing great law practice tools and the best legal case management software for UK firms. It helps create efficiencies, profit and improved levels of service.

Fields supported by LEAP include:

  • Conveyancing
  • Family law
  • Estates and Probate
  • Immigration
  • Criminal law
  • Lifetime planning
  • Employment law
  • Personal injury
  • Litigation

Take advantage of integrated matter management, document automation and legal accounting from anywhere at anytime.

Level 1, Regal House
70 London Road

Tel: 0845 683 2517


LawWare Legal Practice Management System

If you are looking for a top legal practice management system for a law firm in the UK, then LawWare could be a good solution for you.

LawWare practice management system

Founded by Managing Director Warren Wander in 1995, LawWare now provides practice management technology to hundreds of legal practices in the UK, and the company continues to grow.

The original aim was to produce innovative software specifically for UK solicitors, and to offer a first class range of support services to assist law firms in successfully implementing the software, as well as keeping it operating smoothly thereafter.

Cornerstone House
2 Melville Street

Tel: 0345 2020 578


Legal Workspace Case Management System

Legal Workspace is a comprehensive cloud-based Legal Case Management System for the UK law firms to boost productivity and profitability.

Legal case management system from LegalWorkspace

Legal Workspace is a comprehensive and flexible legal case management software solution developed by Cannysoft for UK lawyers and law firms. It is a cloud-based system that is easy to manage and cost-effective, whatever the size of your business.

Sutton SM1
Tel: 0203 488 0008


LAWFUSION Law Software

Select Legal Systems Limited is an ISO 27001 certified supplier of legal practice management software for law firms.

Law software from LAWFUSION

Select Legal Systems Limited has celebrated 25 years as a supplier of first-class law software for UK firms. This is one of the most trusted law management system options on the market.

Priory Court
Saxon Way
East Yorkshire
HU13 9PB

Telephone: 01482 567601

If you are looking for a top legal software solution for a UK law firm, then one of the above practice and case management products should be a good fit for your company.