Notary Public for Norfolk, Suffolk & London – Tim Eagle

Tim Eagle is a Notary Public for Norfolk, Suffolk and London, UK. As a highly experienced legal professional, he has supported thousands of clients in the UK and across the globe with a wide range of document requirements.   User-Friendly Notarial Services Tim’s aim is to guide clients through the sometimes complex process of notarisation, … Read more

UK Immigration Law

UK immigration law

Navigating through the intricacies of UK immigration law can be a daunting task, given its constant evolution. These laws are primarily controlled by the Immigration Act of 1971 (alongside its subsequent amendments) and the Immigration Rules. These rules stipulate the necessary criteria for gaining entry into and staying within the UK, and they are frequently … Read more

Unfair Dismissal Claims

In some situations, workers can take legal action against their employer if they feel they have been a victim of unfair dismissal. Employers may have unfair dismissal claims made against them in circumstances where they do not have a suitably justified reason for dismissing an employee or when legal procedures and processes have not been … Read more