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All text should be objective (eg “we are the best…” is not permitted), but detailing awards won, years in business and any other actual credentials is fine.

We reserve the right to edit text where appropriate for the benefit of both you and our readers and will do our own research and writing about your company.

As a suggestion – we recommend you send us anywhere between 500 and 1,500 words of text. Any logos and award badges are also welcome. Please ensure you include office address and contact details, including telephone number(s), web address and email address(es), plus social media links if desired.

However, feel free to email us your website link and we can write a profile page based on your site content if you prefer.

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Our aim is to find and signpost the best law firms and legal products / services providers in the UK, and we regularly research and write about a range of companies and relevant legal matters.

If you’d like to get involved, we welcome companies who would like to subscribe in order to boost their visibility by showcasing what they have to offer here at Law and Legal.