Companies Act 2006

UK Law and legal matters

The Companies Act 2006 is a comprehensive piece of UK legislation that governs the incorporation, operation, and regulation of companies in the United Kingdom. Here’s a Companies Act 2006 summary for a guide to its key provisions:   Company Formation The Act simplifies the process of forming a company, allowing for a single person to … Read more

Healthcare Law in the UK

Healthcare law in the UK

Healthcare law in the UK encompasses a wide range of legal principles and regulations. It is designed to ensure the provision of quality health related services and protect the rights of patients, healthcare professionals, and institutions. This guide offers an overview of key aspects of healthcare law in the United Kingdom, covering topics such as … Read more

Personal Injury Law in the UK

Personal injury law in the UK is a legal framework that allows individuals who have suffered harm or injury due to the negligence or wrongful actions of others to seek compensation. This comprehensive guide provides an overview of key aspects of personal injury law, covering topics such as types of personal injury claims, the compensation … Read more

IP Lawyers in the UK: Top Law Firms

Clarion IP lawyers

Here we profile top IP lawyers in the UK, with details of law firms in major cities. If you’re looking for the best intellectual property lawyers to protect your commercial interests, these are some of the leading companies.   Ignition Law London Expert IP lawyers in London, Ignition Law offers specialised intellectual property legal services … Read more

UK Immigration Law

UK immigration law

Navigating through the intricacies of UK immigration law can be a daunting task, given its constant evolution. These laws are primarily controlled by the Immigration Act of 1971 (alongside its subsequent amendments) and the Immigration Rules. These rules stipulate the necessary criteria for gaining entry into and staying within the UK, and they are frequently … Read more

Top Solicitors London

This page is for top solicitors in London, profiling leading companies supporting individuals and businesses. Find some of the best lawyers in North, South, East, West or central London based on a variety of criteria. This includes specialism and expertise in certain areas of law, market presence, great reviews and notable successes, or excellence in … Read more

Legal Software for UK Law Firms

Legal Workspace case management software

Here we look at some of the best legal software for UK law firms to use in managing their practices. We explore how good law software can benefit your firm and your workflow, then list some of the top products on the market. We include both law firm practice and legal case management systems that … Read more

International Business Lawyers

International business lawyers

Here we look at how international business lawyers can help your company with cross-border trade, including employment, contracts, disputes, tax and other legal issues. We also look at some of the top international law firms if you’re looking for a business lawyer to help you with overseas expansion or global commercial affairs.   What are … Read more